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Rourkela Tourism

Also known as the steel city of India, Rourkela has a lot of space for the industries but due to its geographical location it also serves as a great spot for tourism. It is also the commercial capital of the state and is one of the planned cities of Odisha. Rourkela literally means "our village”, but today it is not a village but has made considerable progress in terms of infrastructure & economic growth. Famous for starting a new era in the in the Steel Industry of India the city the city is known for having a hundred percent literacy rate.

Rourkela Tourism

The natural landscapes and beautiful views of the hills and mountains along with the Fertilizer Township and the present twin-towns of Rourkela are situated at the location where it used to be covered with some of the dense forests. After Indian independence the Government of India felt the need of industrialization. A suitable location to have the manufacturing of Steel and Iron was also felt needed and after following a lot of researches the city of Rourkela was selected for the purpose and a steel city was then planned and this gave a new face to Rourkela and then it became one of the major cities of the state.

In-spite of being an industrial town the natural wonders and breathtaking beauty of the city will truly amaze you; the city has a number of tourist attractions like the Hanuman Vatika, Maa Vaishno Devi Temple, Lord Jagannath Temple, Mandira Dam, Vedavyas, etc. The intriguing city of Rourkela is situated in the richest mineral belts of India and is surrounded by hills and rivulets giving it a rejuvenating ambience. A famous landmark of the city is "The Hands of Steel" or the "Ten Million Monument" which was designed by Mr Vijay Acquilla.

Best Time to Visit Rourkela

Famous places in OdishaAn excursion or picnic to places like Nehru Traffic Park, Jubilee Park, Mrig Vihar, Indira Gandhi Park or Green Park is highly recommended during your trip to Rourkela. One can also plan a trip during the major fairs like Rath Yatra, Dola Yatra, and Vedvyas Mela to mark the festivals and get a glimpse of the rich culture, religious beliefs & traditions of Rourkela. A number of good hotels and lodges are present in Rourkela where you can enjoy a comfortable stay. Rourkela being easily accessible by road, air and rail visitors come in large numbers every year to this city. One can also plan tours to tourist attractions in the nearby regions and come back feeling relaxed & rejuvenated.The months from October to March when it is not very hot and the weather is pleasant is the best time to visit the beautiful city of Rourkela.

Tourist Helpline Numbers

The Director
Dept. of Tourism, Paryatan Bhawan, Museum Campus, Bhubaneswar - 751 014
Tel.No. (674) 2432177 email: ortour@orissatourism.gov.in
Call Us : 1800 208 1414 (Toll free)

Tourist Office, Rourkela
Address: New Bus Stand (3rd Floor), Gandhi Road, Rourkela-769001, District-Sundargarh, Odhisa
Contact: 0661 507337

Tourist Destinations In & Around Rourkela

Hanuman Vatika

Hanuman VatikaThe most famous attraction of Rourkela city is the 75-feet tall standing statue of Hanuman situated in the heart of the town; set admist a beautiful garden called Hanuman Batika. The statue was designed by Sri Laxmana Swami and has now become an important landmark of the city. This temple complex in Rourkela is spread in an area of over 3 acres and has a number of other shrines like Santoshi Ma Mandira, Bruhat Sivalinga Mandira, Bata Mangala Mandir, Binayaka Mandir, Ram Daravar in its vicinity. Devotees come in large numbers to seek the blessings of God and pay homage here.

Maa Vaishno Devi Temple

The Temple of Maa Vaishno Devi is situated nearly 3 kms from Rourkela city on the top of Durgapur hill. Established in 2003 the temple resembles the original Vaishno Devi temple of Jammu. Dedicated to the worship of Goddess Kali, Goddess Lakshami and Goddess Saraswati it has beautiful idols of these deities. Located near a cave and surrounded with natures’ beauty all around a visit to this temple gives a feeling of peace & tranquillity. A festival known as The Avirvav Day is celebrated here with great fervour & joy on 6th February every year.

Lord Jagannath Temple

Lord Jagannath Temple is situated in Sector 3, Rourkela and was constructed in the year 1975. The temple houses the idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Maa Subhadra. Thronged by devotees all around the year it is an important religious place in Rourkela.

Maa Bhagawati Temple

This temple is in Chhend Housing Colony near SOS children’s village, Rourkela and is an ancient place of worship. It is believed that the temple was established by the great sage Paraser who got married to Satyawati the daughter of fisherman; Vedavyas the writer of Mahabharata was the son of Paraser & Satyawati only. During the construction of the temple in 1993, some earthen pots filled with ashes were found from the foundation of this temple, which were buried in the Paraser Ashram. The recital of 'Chandi Paath' related to Devi Mahatmyam and a 'Yaga' - performed with pure ghee is the daily ritual at this place in which a large number of people participate with complete devotion & faith. Since the temple is on a small hill surrounded by refreshing greenery it gives a very serene and picturesque setting to the place attracting a number of tourists.

Rani Sati Temple

Situated in Birmitrapur about 35 kms from Rourkela the Rani Sati Temple is also popularly known as second Jhun-Jhun Dham of India. Spread across 2 acres of land, the temple was constructed before 1967 and has an amazing design. It looks like a palace with the exteriors made of white marble, beautiful art-work on the walls and a golden pot at the top. 2 beautiful flower gardens one having a statue of Lord Shiva, and other temples like Sita Ram Temple, Ganesh Temple, Hanuman Temple and Shiva Temple are also present in the vast Temple complex. The temple is now run by a trust and has been renovated in 1992, 2000 and 2012. Special Pujas are organised here with great enthusiasm on auspicious days like Bhado Amavasya or no-moon day, etc. The temple is open on all days for the visitors and meals are distributed daily here on payment basis.


Vedavyas is a famous pilgrimage or tirth place, located at a distance of 9 kms from Rourkela. It is believed that Maharishi Vyas wrote Mahabharata at this beautiful place formed by the converging of the rivers Shankha, Koel and Saraswati. Set admist a scenic natural envoirment the place also has a Vedic Ashram and a school based on the likes of a Gurukula Ashram. After a visit to Vedavyas one can go to Panposh, which is an ideal picnic spot, located about 5 kms away to bask in the sun or have lunch.


While on a trip to Rourkela, one can visit Junagarh which is located at a distance of 4 kms from Hemagiri and about 15 kms from Kanika. It is a fort of historical & archaeological importance telling tales of an era gone by. Present here are some ancient caves with markings of tantra worship, thus depicting the culture & religious beliefs of those times.

Mandira Dam

Mandira Dam is a man-made structure situated nearly 28 kms from Rourkela; the dam has been constructed on the river Sankha, to supply water to Rourkela and other nearby places. A favourite spot for excursions & picnics the palce is on a must-visit list of tourists coming to Rourkela. One can also enjoy Boating in the lake after consulting with the Dam Authorities.


Khandadhar is a beautiful waterfall in village Nandapani, located at a distance of 104 kms from Rourkela; one can reach at Rajamunda first which is on NH -23 and then to Lahunipara on NH-215 and then proceed further to this spot. To enjoy the breathtaking view of waterfall one can climb to the top of the mountain about 1.6 K.M high by foot. The name of the waterfall is based on the fact that water falls from the top straight down like the edge of a sword so the name Khanda Dhara. The waterfall originated from Korapani Nala a perennial rivulet and is the highest waterfall in Odisha having a height of 248 meters.

It is believed that tribals living here worshipped Goddess Kanta and considered this spot as her abode. Now developed into a enchanting picnic spot, there is a guest house nearby for visitors. One is stuck by the natural beauty of the place and feels relaxed and stress-free on reaching here.


Darjeeng is a popular picnic spot situated at a distance of about 51 km from Rourkela and is a favourite of the locals as well as tourists coming from outside. Located at the banks of river Brahmani, it is beautiful place endowed with abundant natural beauty & greenery all around. The sparkling water of the river adds to its attraction drawing picnickers to this place. One can also visit Deodarha, a gorge on the river about 2 kms away to have some fun and adventure.


Ghogar is a gorge on the Ib river extending to over 5 Km and serves as a popular picnic spot. At a distance of about 27 kms from Rourkela it also has a naturally formed Siva Lingam of black granite; the Siva Lingam holds religious importance attracting a number of devotees to this place.

Recreation Parks

Raurkela is a well- planned city with adequate facilities of entertainment to engage the visitors adding to its tourist value. There are many recreation parks in the city like Indira Gandhi Park, Jubilee Park, Nehru Traffic Park, Ispat Nehru Park Udyaan, Sanjeevani Park, Uditnagar Municipality Park, etc. where people come to enjoy and stroll around.

Indira Gandhi Park

Famous spots in Odisha

Located in Sector 4 on main ring road, it is one the largest park in Orissa, spread in an area of 42 acres. Indira Gandhi Park has a beautiful garden, mini zoo, aquarium, doll museum and a lake. The beautiful garden has different varieties of plants, flowers, a rose & Japanese garden and a fountain leaving the visitors spellbound. A breathtaking view of Rourkela city can be taken from the top of a big tower present here. Tourists can also enjoy Boating facilities provided by the park administration. Children coming here are delighted when they see beautiful dolls in the Doll museum. The mini zoo houses animals & birds like black bears, deer, crocodile, peacock, etc. and the aquarium has colourful fishes. A toy train for the children also runs here adding to their adventure.

Jubilee Park (Deer Park)

Built to commemorate the Silver Jubilee celebration of Rourkela Steel Plant the park is very popular amongst the residents of the city. Located in Sector 8 adjacent to Ring Road, there is a Mruga Vihar (Deer Park) nearby which is home to a number of Deers. A Musical Water Fountain adds to the charm of the place especially during summers, when the cool water drops are a refreshing sight.

Ispat Central Place & Park

Located in Sector -5, VIP market area this park was developed by SAIL, RSP. Famous for a monument based on the wheel of Konark. One can come and enjoy the natural beauty, greenery and colourful flowers spread all around.

Where to Stay in Rourkela:

A number of good hotels or lodges are present in Rourkela, offering the visitors a comfortable & enjoyable stay. One can choose from the many options available as per one’s budget & preferences. It is though advisable to do prior bookings during the festive or holiday season to avoid last minute rush. Nowadys one can also do online bookings also from the various travel websites available to save time and money.

Hotel Radhika Regency
Address: Bisra Road, Rourkela, Odisha
Contact: 0661 251 0300

Mayfair Rourkela
Address: Panposh Road, Panposh, Rourkela, Odisha
Contact: 092384 13064

Hotel Brindaban
Address: Bisra Road, Opposite to ICICI Bank, Rourkela, Odisha
Contact: 0661 653 8921

Hotel Anurag P Ltd..
Address: Gurudwara Road, Rourkela, Odisha
Contact: 098610 44132

Hotel Aastha
Address: New Station Road, Rourkela, Odisha
Contact: 0661 252 2667

Hotel The Central Park
Address: Bisra Road, Rourkela, Odisha
Contact: 0661 251 1611

Hotel Shubham
Address: Shubham Lane, In-front of Rourkela Railway Station, Rourkela, Odisha
Contact: 0661 641 0505

Where to Eat in Rourkela ?

Hungry after all the travelling and sightseeing, its time to enjoy a delicious meal; Rourkela offers you a wide variety of tasty dishes to choose from. Satisfy your taste-buds at a number of restaurants, fast food joints & dhabas present in the city. Food courts like Ambagan Food Court, Koel Nagar NAC Market, Khana Khazana, 7 AM & Max Restaurant & Bakery in New Raurkela, Green Chillyz, etc. are quiet popular and a favourite spot for the local residents as well as the people coming from outside. Some Popular Restaurants in Rourkela

Hexagon Restaurant
Address: Scholar's Avenue, NIT Campus, Sector 1, Rourkela, Odisha

Curry Pot
Address: H 1, Civil Township, Infront of Hotel Mayfair, Rourkela, Odisha
Contact: 0661 320 0000

Nottee Restaurant
Address: Opposite HDFC Bank Ltd., Bisra Road, Rourkela, Odisha

Vatika Restaurant
Address: Sector 4, Rourkela, Odisha
Contact: 0661 264 3537

Neelam Restaurant
Address: Bank Street, Sector 19, Rourkela, Odisha

Moksha Restaurant
Address: Main Road, Rourkela, Odisha

How to Reach Rourkela ?

Places to visit in Rourkela

Rourkela is well-connected by road, rail and air thus making it quiet easy to visit the city and adjoining areas. The Rourkela Railway Station is the main station falling under the South Eastern Railway Zone. A number of trains originate or pass through Raurkela carrying people to & fro from the city. It is directly connected to cities like Ahmedabad Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Cuttack, Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Puri, Patna, Kolkata, Ranchi, Vishakhapatnam, etc. An adequate road infrastructure comprising of National Highways NH-23 and SH-10 connect the city with other parts of the country. Government operated Sampark buses connect various parts of the city and are a affordable means of public transportation. Besides this many private buses, autos, taxis, rickshaws are easily available to travel within the city or to nearby places. If one wishes to travel by air the nearest airport is Ranchi situated at a distance of nearly 250 kms from Rourkela. A private airstrip for officers & management of SAIL and other dignitaries is also present in Rourkela and there are plans to develop the same into a mini airport for the general public. Sky Airways a private airliner is also providing flight services to Bhubaneswar via Barbil, five days a week, except Saturday and Sunday.

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