Rourkela Steel Plant

Rourkela is known for Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) which is India’s first completely incorporated steel plant. The Steel Plant was set up in the year 1955 in the collaboration of the Government of Odisha with several German companies. The initial mounted capacity of RSP was 1 million tons which was then increased to almost 2 million tons. The plant got several modifications in mid-90s and was equipped with several new units. The previously used units were then removed and refurbished in order to significantly improve the quality of products and to lower the cost of production involved in it.

Rourkela Steel Plant

Technical Excellence of Rourkela Steel Plant

The Rourkela steel plant is said to be the first Steel plant in India to install the latest LD technology which is used in making the steel. Also, it is the only steel plant of SAIL in the entire country which produces 100% quality with a cost effective technique.

Presently, RSP has the capability of producing close to 1.9 million tons of unfinished steel, 2 million tons of hot metal per year. The RSP is the only plant of the SAIL in India which also produces very high quality steel and pipes which are used by the gas and oil sector of the country, along with the silicon steel which is used by the power sector and the tin plates which is utilized by the packaging firms in the country.

The Rourkela Steel Plant is in process of implementing the last step in the extension and modernization of the projects which are being worked out by an investment of more than 11,000 Crores INR, and it is estimated that after this modification the production and quality can be doubled.

Pollution Control at Rourkela Steel Plant

The Rourkela Steel Plant has been taking special measures to control the pollution caused by by-products of Coke and batteries which are used in the unit. In order to check the emissions coming out of the coke ovens the specially designed air-coolers have been installed in the air exhausts at the plant to get the air purified before being left in the atmosphere. All major units in the RSP including the steel township and even the personnel departments are certified by the ISO and are set up according to the environmental conditions of the city.

Awards Won by Rourkela Steel Plant

The steel plant holds a good reputation as it is known for producing 100% pure steel. This has brought accolades to the plant in the forms of various awards as under:

  • National Energy Conservation Award (2nd Prize)
  • Srishti Good Green Governance Award (2010)
  • Best Corporate Stall
  • Greentech Environment Gold Award
  • CII-ITC Sustainability Award (2013)
  • Global CSR Leadership & Excellence Awards (2013)

Location of Rourkela Steel Plant

The steel plant in Rourkela is situated on the North West part of the state of Odisha, right at the middle of the mineral belt. It is located on the Mumbai Howrah main lines. The steel plant is well linked with rest of the world through a special airport that is used by private planes only, especially of the steel plant that serves RSP officials who visit the unit for supervision and other purposes. The steel plant is also close to Rourkela railway station which connects it with almost every destination of East and South region.

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